Randy McGlenn Announces run for LPWA State Chair

“We’ve come a long way…” We’ve heard it from many of our members, on all aspects of the Libertarian Party. From National with the recent elections, to state ballot access, to activism and education about the LP in our communities; we’ve come a long way.

There have been a number of great leaders amongst our ranks who have led the way, energizing our members and breathing new life into the party at all levels. And while we may have stumbled along the way, we have made great strides in being heard in the political arena.

Though we’ve had many successes, we have a long way to go. We still have a number of states left to go to keep ballot access open, including ours. We are closer than ever to being recognized as a major party, and we are still fighting that fight here in Washington. We need to keep the momentum and stay the course on our mission.

Because our success is so important to me, I will be running for State Chair. I feel it is important we keep our members engaged, so we can maintain an active base in our communities. That is why my priority is to keep our organization focused and collaborative. United we stand… I beleive it is important to have structure so that we have an effective means to stay engaged, that is why I am working to grow our number of county organizations.

I want us to succeed and am very excited for the opportunities ahead. I am ready to work with all of you to rise up to the challenges ahead, will you join me?

Below is the official announcement:

I, Randy McGlenn, will be running for position of ‘Chairperson’ of the Libertarian Party of Washington State for this year, voting at next convention 2017.
At-this-time, I am also fully Endorsing Tiffany Diaz De Leon as 2017 Vice-Chair Libertarian Party of Washington State. Our goal is to both win and lead as a team.
Tiffany and I can bring benefits to the State Party including full representation of both sides of Washington State. We have discussed our possible roles in-length, and have a ‘shared vision’ of membership growth, strong counties, high-morale, campaigns, and fundraising.

My Experience
• Joined the National Party in 2007
• Joined the State Party in 2014
• Current Secretary of Spokane County, Libertarian Party
• Two-time State candidate receiving over 30% vote in last election
• 2016 National Delegate at National Convention in Orlando, FL

Our Vision
• To grow state membership through growing stronger counties. Both traditionally (licensed) and virtually (social media). Done though meetings, renewing memberships, county conventions, assisting local candidates, and engaging in city events such as charities, and larger events (Including marijuana, LGBTQ, 2ndA, Legislation causes)
• Making morale top priority. Stronger Camaraderie
• Supporting the right Candidates though funding, door-belling, and graphics
• Promoting Local Seminars and Workshops throughout Washington State
• Promoting local and national Libertarian media and voices of the Liberty Movement. Podcasts, Radio, Video, Music, Books, Authors, Newsletters. Using the technology of today to promote and share the good word of ‘Liberty and Freedom’.
• Accepting that Libertarian/ism is both a Party and a Philosophy. We like both.

Our Goals
• 2-4 Open in-person meetings yearly. Location TBD & 12 Monthly Conference Calls
• Create State Newsletter and Newsletter Team. Digital or Paper
• Grow State membership 20% to 750 paid members
• Fundraise

We would prefer to continue to have Michael Pickens and others train and mentor candidates one-on-one. Tiffany and I would not prefer to try to take on that role, yet provide financial/more support when needed. We will attend other counties’ meetings when possible, and time permits. We want face-to-face interaction, including each other visiting the other half of the state.
I/we are looking for candidates for Secretary, Treasurer, Possibly Public Relations, Web, Graphic Design, More.

With Liberty,

Randy McGlenn

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