Gun Rights

I support gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Proponents of restricting our freedoms bear a heavy burden of showing the necessity, propriety, and wisdom of their proposed regulations. Yet gun-control measures have repeatedly failed to reduce violent crime or criminals’ access to guns. Instead, they simply burden law-abiding gun-owners and prospective gun-owners.

Gun violence and violent crimes have declined dramatically over the last two decades. If we want to reduce gun violence and violent crime further, the first place to look is at our drug laws. Just as the Prohibition Era was time of organized crime and gun violence, so today has our War on Drugs produced well-financed, well-armed, violent gangs and organized criminal enterprises. Before we even think about burdening our law-abiding gun-owners with ineffective regulations and intrusions, we should reform our drug laws to put an end to this self-inflicted madness.

I object to gun-control advocates who rhetorically and falsely equate “gun culture” with a “culture of violence.” This is extremely misleading.

I support Constitutional Carry, which several states already recognize without harm to the safety of their citizens.

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