Drug Reform

Drug reform is about¬†so much more¬†than drugs, it’s about:

Respecting People’s Freedom and Autonomy

  • Respect for a person’s freedom and autonomy should be the default rule in a free society.
  • Responsible drug use that does not harm others should not be punished.

Restoring Civil Liberties

  • Reforming Asset Forfeiture Laws
  • Restoring the Fourth Amendment
  • Reversing the Militarization of Our Police

Protecting Private Citizens & Law Enforcement Officers

  • Reducing Gang Warfare, Gun Crime, and Violent Crime
  • Re-establishing Trust between Citizens & Police
  • Focusing Law Enforcement Resources on Violent Crime and Property Crime

Supporting Individuals, Families, and Communities in Need

  • Enabling addicts and victims of abuse to get the help they need
  • Stopping the assault on disadvantaged communities and families
  • Closing racial disparities and education gaps

Establishing Justice

  • Limiting the overcriminalization of our private lives
  • Lowering stratospheric incarceration rates
  • Reducing disenfranchisement, especially of young black men

Saving Money

  • Lowering the Costs of Government
  • Refocusing Public Resources Intelligently

I propose truly legalizing marijuana in Washington, decriminalizing harder drugs, and adopting a rational, evidence-based regulatory policy.

What You Should Know About Drug Prohibition:

Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free?:

Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System:

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